Martial Micro Mananagement Modifications: Advanced Martial Artists Self Analysis

by Keith Pascal

A lot of self analysis — maybe Socrates had it right.

Wait! I think he was talking about examining your own life; today, we’re going to do a “little” self-analysis, and as a result, you’ll be a safer martial artist.

And believe it or not, we’re going to borrow an expression from the business world and apply it to every aspect of our lives.

In the business world, gurus from Tony Robbins to Brian Tracy all promulgate the benefits of beginning any plan by asking not what you need to do, or which tasks are important, but rather by looking at the end result desired.

You begin your plan by imagining the desired end result.

Right about now, you probably think that we’re either going to talk about the result you want when training in martial arts, or maybe the end result you want in a emergency encounter.

While both subjects would make for great discussions, that’s not the direction we’re headed in, today.

I want you to analyze yourself with the scrutiny of someone looking with a microscope at the bacteria found on most ice cubes in fast food restaurants.

Look at the way you stand. Imagine how you get into and out of a car. Picture yourself checking your phone in the grocery store.

And more …

Are you aware of other moviegoers, while engrossed in the action of an exciting movie?

When out hiking with the family, do you position yourself in the front, in the back, or in the middle of the group? Is your position on the trail in relation to the others in your group completely random?

As I said, examine each aspect of your life … anything you can think of. Then, ask yourself the end result that you want.

Martial Artist in Public

It’s a crowded holiday sale. You’re out in public. The person with you is rummaging through a pile of sale items, while you wait.

So …

Where do you stand? In the middle of the crowd? Over on the side? At an entrance where others could sneak up and surprise you?

How do you stand? Neutral with arms crossed?

What image does this project to others?

(What’s the end result that you want?)

Are you locking your arms, so it takes longer to respond to an attack?

Are you crossing them, so you can look bigger and more threatening? (A natural instinct.)

If you have a hand in a pocket, while waiting, ask yourself “why” you have your hand stuck there. Are you hiding a weapon? Does it fit your “cool” image?

What You Really Want As a Martial Artist

Remember … result wanted.

As a martial artist, may I suggest that when you find the reason behind the desired objective, you link it to safety, rather than to image.

In other words, in my book, it’s more important to stay safe than to look cool.

Okay, we’ve come to the end of this article. And before you discount this as some sort of mundane advice that just advises you to try to be safe as you live your life, imagine that I’ve just shared something special, a key component, to improving your life.

In my scenario, you play the part of a detective and examine your life in great detail. According to Socrates, this is a good thing.

Next, you play the part of a sci-fi writer, and you project possible futures given your current behavior.

After that, you creatively visualize the end result that you really want, and you link this result to the idea of being more safe, or making yourself more aware of potential emergencies.

Finally, you adjust your behavior according to the desired objective or preparing to have an emergency end the way you’d want it to.

Well … you now have a new tool, at least some of you do. How will you use it?

Or was this just a “good” read?



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