An Awareness Habit

by Keith Pascal

Do you worry about your safety?

Are you afraid that you won’t notice an emergency in time?

Here’s an awareness habit that’s easy to incorporate into your life, and could mean all the difference to your safety….

The People Count

Whenever you enter a new situation, walk into a store, lead your friend into the mall, or enter your favorite used store, I want you to count the people in the store.

Well, actually, you need to do a little more than that. As you count the people in the area, perform an activity scan. What are they doing?

Are they holding anything? Anything that could be used as a weapon?

Are they talking? Do they appear calm?

Make a quick scan and appraisal and then move on.

Counting Crowds

If there are a dozen or fewer people, then an individual, person-by-person scan is in order, but if you walk into a crowd, then spending time examining each and every person just isn’t practical.

In this case, divide your crowd into groups. Analyze the group … they’re okay … and then let your eyes wander to the next bunch or cluster of people.

You Lose

By the way, if people see you intently or nervously checking everyone out, then you lose.

Be more subtle than that.

It’s okay to look as though you’re making a quick scan, just not a complete, intense study.

For more on awareness, read the article Awareness in a Nutshell


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Apply these bus-stop safety tips to other areas of your life. Stay Safe …

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