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Wow, the Internet is enormous. We can barely fathom how many sites and individual pages exist for us to click to visit.

It’s no wonder so many sites get lost in the noise.

Sometimes, we need breadcrumbs or clues, to lead us to places that we wish we’d known about before. What follows are a few Fun-Stuff recommendations, to help you find some of those lesser-known websites.

Note: I, Keith Pascal, have something to do with all the sites listed below. Some Tiptoers are curious as to what else I’m into besides teaching people how to lead a safer life.

Enjoy …

Fun Stuff

1) Is it difficult for you to show your uniqueness?

Do you lack the reputation that some people seem to have, being recognized and respected no matter where they go? Are you afraid that your individuality isn’t doing for you what you want it to?

Here’s a fun book, available in hardcover, that will give you a unique and fun way to impress others … with powerful-yet-subtle methods to build your reputation.

Note: You can generalize this reputation-building advice to anything you do. The suggestions don’t have to be used only with coin snatching.

Not only that, by following the chapters in this book,  you will respond to physical attacks with lightning speed.

Take me to the Coin Snatching Website


2) Is Your Life The Same-ol’ Same-ol’?

Making just the littlest of changes can make a world of difference.

Getting service that is above-and-beyond at a restaurant, having someone throw in a bonus on your next purchase … something truly unadvertised.

Maybe just knowing how to deal with folding laundry in a super-fast way would brighten your day.

Don’t settle for so-so. Here are some FirstClassInformation articles and videos for you to check out.

Make a better life for yourself and your loved ones, one tip at a time!

Take me to


3) Are you into magic tricks? Are you an amateur or professional magician?

Do you wish you could take your magic to the next level … or maybe beyond that level, even?

Hop on over to

By signing up to, you’ll gain access to some of my other magic-related websites. For example, there is an entire site devoted to teaching you FREE coin tricks. No kidding!

4) One Big Breadcrumb leads to even more clues … little breadcrumbs.

We could continue this list of fun stuff, or I could simply send you over to

There, you’ll find … a trail back to this website … uh, I mean pages devoted to some of my other interests and the websites that represent them.

For example, did you know that I wrote a children’s fantasy that when it was published climbed to the top of its specific category at

Anyway, if you want to learn more about some of my interests, click over to


Am I missing something? Is there a breadcrumb to something “Keith Pascal” that’s not listed on this page? Let me know; maybe I could add it at revision time.


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