Tiptoeing to Tranquility Ordering Options

1. Your first option is to use Amazon.com. They are often the efficient and easy choice.

At Amazon, you can buy either the soft cover or the ebook. The ebook is available in their Kindle store.

Note: I was happily surprised that the Kindle app is free for almost all smart phones, as well as the majority of computers, and tablets. I’m pretty sure that everyone can read this format.

For the soft cover at Amazon.com, click here!

For the ebook download at Amazon, click here!

2. Next, you could buy the soft cover from me. (And yes, I’d autograph it to you, or to your loved one, on request).

This is a pretty good option, if you live in the U.S.

Domestic postage on a book is quite affordable. (You only pay $5 on an order.)

However, outside the U.S.A., the postage is prohibitive. We have to charge you $26 … no kidding.

If you live in another country, my first suggestion is to buy the ebook. You’ll get the download instantly, and save a bunch of cash.

Still, some people outside the U.S.A. just have to have a printed copy. If this is the case for you, click here for some suggestions.

3. If for some reason you can’t buy an ebook from Amazon.com, then you should contact me. Maybe we can come up with an option that will work for you. (Contact Keith Pascal.)


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