Developing Real Confidence

by Keith Pascal

Wouldn’t it be great to be free from fear, to walk anywhere with confidence?

Can you imagine having an easygoing nature about you, because you instinctively know that you can handle most situations?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

More Than Developing a Confident Mindset

Some experts would say that it’s nothing more than developing the right mindset. And there are experts who can coach you to acquire a take-the-bull-by-the-horns, assertive attitude.

After having taught so many students over the years, I know that there is more to true, solid confidence than simply adopting the right frame of mind.

Sure, freedom from fear is in the mind, yet confidence without the skill to back the attitude somehow lacks substance.

If you want to be a confident speaker, then you gain skills in speaking, you practice speaking, and the more successes you experience, the more confident you’ll get.

It’s not rocket science.


Skills to Help You Feel Safe and Secure

If you want to be confident and feel safe from harm, you acquire skills to stay safe and defend yourself. You practice, you gain experience, and you become more confident.

Of course, there is a lot more to it than that …

People can be afraid of getting hurt in a fight, they can fear harming others during a self-defense encounter, they can fear walking alone at night …

Each fear should be dealt with differently. The beautiful thing is that as you eliminate each fear, you naturally develop more confidence.

Over time, your demeanor will change; you’ll be more relaxed and at ease.

If you have the tools to start eliminating your fears, then go to it. If not, I’d like to suggest Control Your Fear: A Guide For Martial Artists. It’s available as an ebook and in soft cover.

Even if your not a martial artist, you might still have some of these self-defense related fears.

Remember, as you gain skills in a specific area, you develop confidence.

And of course, for safety tips that will help you gain confidence, sign up to the Safety Newsletter. (The free ebooklet that you get on bus stop safety applies to other areas of your life. Start with these tips.)


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