Expert Tour Guide Mentality for a Safer Life

by Keith Pascal

This tip seems as though it’s right out of the book Tiptoeing to Tranquility. It just has that feeling.

A lot of times victims, well, just look like victims. As mentioned in an earlier article,  their gestures connote victim. The gait of their walk screams insecurity. Even their furtive glances around the room, say that they are less than confident in this situation.

One way to look more confident is to take on the Tour Guide Attitude. And a way to be more confident is to learn your venue well enough that you really could be someone’s host.


Here’s a quick example of what I’m talking about:

Let’s say you walk into a bar with a nice lounge. Immediately, you feel out of place. If you’re with someone, you might ask them where they want to sit.

You’re not sure if you can trust the help. What if someone “roofies” your drinks?

Is the bathroom clean? Is it safe?

Who’s loitering outside?

All in all, I understand why you don’t appear confident.


A Place Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Now, contrast that with a local pub where you hang out three or four times a week.

You know everyone by name. You know what food and which drinks are the best. You even have a favorite table.

This is a place where you really feel at home.

It’s easy to exude confidence in this place.

If you have a guest, you play the host. You’re the tour guide.

This is your territory.


Playing The Host at the Right Place and at the Right Time

If you act like a tour guide in a place that you don’t know, you’ll probably come off looking like an oaf … a doofus.

So, you need to learn your “places.”

This isn’t as hard as is seems….

Once, when we were in Hawaii, I made it a habit to get a donut and a glass of guava juice every morning in the market place. There, I did a little magic for the stall owners, bought a few nicknacks, and got to know the place.

It only took 2-3 visits for me to be able to take on the role of tour guide for my parents. And after I met a girlfriend during the vacation, I played tour guide for her as well.

I was even able to introduce a few people by name to my family and my friend.


Avoid Being The Silly Host

On the flip side, I was at a small magic convention where a few of the magicians decided to play host in the lounge. The problem was that nobody knew them, and they had a really hard time pulling it off.

In fact, they looked pretty silly.

Seeing them behave like they were the most important part of the convention, which they weren’t, made me almost feel sorry for them.

Remember, this article is about playing the tour guide or host, to appear more confident. As a side benefit, you’ll have people there who know you.

These magicians had picked the wrong timing, and hadn’t gotten to know anyone there. Their behavior could’ve actually had the opposite effect.

Pretending you own the place when you don’t can get you beat up.

As I said, there’s a place and a time for acting as the guide.

If you have an opportunity to learn a place and get to know the locals, you can act as a host to your guests … and you will have more confidence. Don’t act the host to the locals and the employees. You’re more like an ambassador, in the most honorable sense of the word.

You will appear more confident … and less of a victim.



Tiptoeing to Tranquility is a quick-read story about a mother and daughter who want to appear more confident and actually be safer during these sometimes dangerous times. Learn the same tactics and techniques for safety and confidence by reading their story.


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