You Want to Help Someone You Care About To Be Confident and Safe

When you already know how to defend yourself, then you have to find away to get the person you care about to assimilate the info. into his or her life. This could be a spouse, significant other, relative, child, or friend.

It doesn’t matter.

You feel that they need a little nudge in the awareness and safety department.

First, you could and should read the book Tiptoeing to Tranquility. In this case, you’ll be reading it from the martial arts master’s perspective. You’ll get tips of how and what to impart to the person you want to keep safe.

Buy your copy as an immediate download PDF, as a Kindle book on Amazon, or in Soft Cover from Amazon. Click here for Tiptoeing options.

Note: If you can’t use, then click here for an alternate ordering method.

Next, buy and gift a copy for anyone you care about.

In my opinion, an actual printed copy on paper, with a cover, makes for a better gift. But Amazon does have a gift option for their ebooks … which can be read on ANY device (smart phones, tablets, computers, etc.).

Click here to buy a copy of Tiptoeing to Tranquility.

Care enough to keep them safe! Act now!


You Are Super Vulnerable at Bus Stops … It’s Time to Do Something About It!

Apply these bus-stop safety tips to other areas of your life. Stay Safe …

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