Identifying Victim Behaviors

Do You Project Victim?

Even though there are all sorts of behaviors that would identify you as a victim, while you are out and about, I’d like to focus on two biggies in this article. Your gestures and your walk.

On the Huffington Post site (UK), I found an article by Dr. Raj Persaud that talked about how violent prison inmates could pick out potential victims by their gait and their gestures.

Do you Walk Like a Victim?

It seems …

The way we walk is absolutely the biggest determinate. A good, strong, steady walk is preferred. If you have an even gait, you will perceived as more confident and less vulnerable.

In other words, avoid the following:

  • Too short of a gait
  • Too long of a step (gait)
  • An uneven, walk
  • Abnormal lifting of the foot to take the next step

Make your steps even, no syncopation, and make each step of medium length, and you’ll be okay.

Gestures of Victims

Just the way small steps can make someone look too meek, too mouse-like, small gestures make someone look smaller, and more vulnerable.

More expansive gestures are better. Looking proud is better than having furtive glances, checking to see if there is any danger.

Looking down at the feet can be perceived as vulnerable in some cultures. In others, it can show respect or the desire to be ignored.

General Advice To Avoid Looking Like a Victim

In general, you should look to imitate the mannerisms of confident people and avoid the fearful looks of victims.

How does your confident idol walk, gesture, and glance around?

Contrast that with someone, maybe in a movie, who is acting afraid.

And strive to avoid coming across as a victim to those studying you.

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