The Impromptu Weapon Surprise and Why Most Martial Artists Get It Wrong

If you’re in a real self-defense emergency, I hope you know by now that there is no such thing as a fair fight.

You do what it takes to survive, to stay alive.

Of course, this website preaches over and over that you should escape, if you can. Leave is almost always the best first option.

But if you can’t leave, then you have to survive.

This might entail finding and using an impromptu weapon.

And this is where most people get it wrong. Most people find a weapon and then “brandish” it.

Waving = Warning Them! Bad Idea

If it’s like a club, they pick it up and wave it around.

If they find something to use as a blade for slicing or poking, then they show it off, to scare the enemy. They wave the impromptu blade back and forth.

They might even stab the air with it.

(Big Mistake!)

With projectiles, they cock back their arms before throwing or launching.

The mistake with all of the above is in the telegraph.

They give the bad guy warning … real, honest to goodness advanced warning, that you have a new weapon in the mix and you’re going to use it.

This is the way of the movie … but it’s not real.

You need every advantage possible, if you’re being attacked.

Do you see a lamp on a table? Don’t pick it up and then swing it or heave it.

The first time you touch it is when you bring it into play.


The same with the glass ashtray that you’re going to throw in your attacker’s face. You touch it — you throw it.

Don’t pick it up, cock your arm back, and then hurl it at your assailant. That’s way too much warning.

If you have to use a weapon to defend yourself, then make the first action with it a surprise.

That may just give you the edge that you need to survive.


Want more safety and awareness advantages?

Keith Pascal is the author of Tiptoeing to Tranquility, the Parable for Finding Safety and Comfort in Dangerous Times. Keith feels that nothing beats reading a fun story to internalize some important principles. Be safer, now.


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