Kathryn Pascal

Kathryn Pascal started martial arts training in 1989. She has primarily focused on the Bruce Lee System of fighting, although she has added to her skill set and knowledge with serious studies of Twin Dragons Gung Fu, various Filipino arts, wrist and joint locking, and some of the more historical teachings of Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

When she started training down at the park with the men, she was still Kate Leifer. Who knew that five years later, she’d marry her teacher (Keith Pascal).

Since their marriage in 1993, Keith’s teacher, Steve Golden, and some of Steve’s students, have also had a hand in shaping the martial artist that Kathryn has become.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Kathryn Pascal was fortunate to be able to take multiple seminars with some of Bruce Lee’s original students, including Bob Bremer, Pete Jacobs, Allen Joe, Chris Kent, Larry Hartsell, Herb Jackson, and Richard Bustillo.

Over the years, Kathryn (Kate) has taught many self-defense classes, participated in weekend martial arts retreats, and kept her hand … uh … FIST in the arts.

Nowadays, Kathryn Pascal’s name can be found as an editor of more than a few martial arts books and ebooks.

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