Keeping Children Safe In an Emergency

This really is what life is all about for parents, whether their children are five years old or 50.

For the sake of the article, let’s say that your children are young enough to be under your protective wing in an emergency.

Okay, we agree that first and foremost, you want to keep your kids safe. In fact, if it comes down to their ultimate safety or yours, you’ll do what it takes to make sure your young ones survive.

With this in mind, the earlier you can recognize a potentially violent situation, the sooner you can get your kids (and you) away to safety.

That’s right; your goal is to is to leave before trouble manifests. This is not the time to play hero or to let any ego get in the way of your family’s safety.

If you can, get out of there. Completely, 100% gone.

If not, then the next question is if you tell your kids to run, will they truly be able to get completely away:

Are your kids old enough to run to safety?

Do they have the composure to flee when you tell them to, or will they panic?

Is there some place to escape to? If you’re out in the middle of nowhere with no place even to hide, then sending your children off could be a BIG mistake.

Once again, your first consideration is if you all can make an early escape.

Your second choice, if you all can’t run, is can you tell your kid(s) to escape, while you provide a distraction?

Note: Somewhere in all this, don’t forget to cry out for help, if the situation warrants it.

After that, if you have to stay, and you have determined that it’s best to have your offspring stay as well, then you’ll have to start defending in short order.

If I had my ideal situation, I’d have my child behind me, at least 10 feet back, and I’d have plenty of room to maneuver and do martial arts.

In my preferred defense pattern, I become the obstacle between the bad guys and my daughter.

Since some of my best self-defense moves involve timing, I prefer to have a little room behind me, to allow all footwork possibilities.

Final Thoughts

If your child takes martial arts lessons, the parent in me still wouldn’t want him or her to participate in the act of self-defense.

My goal is to keep my child safe.

I don’t want to take any chances with my kid close to the enemy.

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