Face It: You Can’t Be There 100% of the Time for Your Loved Ones!

I know you know martial arts. You have taken the time to learn some very effective ways to protect yourself and others, right?

If you were walking arm in arm with someone you cared deeply about and a bully stepped out to block your path, I think you’d know exactly how to deal with any attempt at aggressive physical contact.

You’d be there to protect the person so dear to you.

But … but … but …

You and I both know that you can’t be with your loved oneS all the time. It’s just simply not possible.

Enter this website, TiptoeingToTranquility.com

There are two ways to explore this site, from the perspective of a non-martial artist wanting to learn to be confident and lead a safer life, and then there’s your preferred view – that of a martial artist looking to help someone you care about to lead a safer life.

You don’t have to shove martial arts training down the throat of the unwilling. This site will help you find a gentler way to ease into it.

Start by helping the person you care about to learn to tiptoe to tranquility.

Of course, you’ll read the articles meant for instructors, and if you teach a class, then you might have all your students read the book (Yes, bulk discounts are available.), but also snoop around this site for the tips offered to the newbies.

You might want to sign up for the Safety Tips newsletter (FREE), so you can pass the tips on to your loved one.

And if you’re looking for some brain candy for your own practical self-defense training, try Martial Arts Mastery (FREE). It’s a weekly zine intended for intermediate and advanced martial artists. (Sign up is to the right of the page, and you get a free Fight Focus pdf, when you join.)

Don’t know where to start on this web site?

Take a look at these pages, first …

Free Articles for Martial Artists and Non-Martial Artists

Keeping Family and Friends Safe Articles

If You’re Not Sure Where You Should Start Helping Those You Care About


You Are Super Vulnerable at Bus Stops … It’s Time to Do Something About It!

Apply these bus-stop safety tips to other areas of your life. Stay Safe …

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