Keeping a Spouse Safe

(Advice for Martial Artists)

It’s your job to keep your spouse, a non-martial artist, safe in times of danger.

First, and foremost, you understand the need to get him or her to safety. That’s of paramount importance.

Note: If you need a refresher on this “keep-the-other-safe” attitude, read the article for non-martial artists about keeping your significant other safe from harm.

I’m going to assume that you have some competence as a martial artist and know a thing or two about practical self-defense.

If this is the case, then your immediate goal is for you to be able to do what you need to do unhindered. This means both that you shouldn’t be tripping over your spouse as you defend the both of you, and you shouldn’t have to worry that someone is doing him or her harm, while you “employ your skills.”

Of course, you and your spouse want to get to safety. While this seems like the ultimate goal, your real goal is to remove the threat to you and/or your loved one.

All your discussions with your spouse LONG BEFORE you get into an emergency situation should revolve around what he or she should do that would better allow you to defend the both of you.

  • What will be the rule about escaping to safety?
  • When should your spouse stand behind you?
  • When will he or she try to help? Never?

One advantage that you have going for you is that you and your spouse have a long history of good communication. With one word, you can communicate volumes.

Note: My wife and I have a few secret signals. They are words or gestures that the two of us would never miss or never mistake. They are also easy to remember when you’re scared or en garde.

Again, practice and discuss all of this ahead of time. You want to know without a doubt that you can do what you’ve been trained to do. If you want to make sure that your skills are what they need to be, take a look at these martial arts suggestions and tips.

I hate to say it, but make sure your spouse knows what to do if … shudder at the thought … your enemy starts to get the better of you. If you’re losing, and something bad is going to happen … make sure your spouse knows the Plan B.

By the way, have you considered weapons in the mix of all this? Read this article about weapons in a fight when a loved one is close by.


Be Nice To Your Spouse About All of This

Let’s end this discussion with the plea from me to you to not to be a jerk about of all of this.

Often, the martial artist will start with a few suggestions, quickly move into the role of teacher, and settle for being the dictator in all matters of safety.

Always remember … it’s easier to attract spouses to a safer way of life by offering up honey, rather than forcing vinegar.

Also … suggest in small doses. A long lesson for someone not into this stuff won’t “stick.” Make it manageable bites.

If you’re looking for a next step, click here.


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