Protecting Others with a Weapon

Special Weapon’s Problem

I see martial artists train with weapons all the time, and there is one hypothetical, emergency possibility that could pose a significant problem to many of them….

Most martial artists train with weapons as if they were the only good guy fighting a bunch of multiple attackers.

They fail to consider using a weapon WHILE having to protect a family member, a spouse, or a friend.

Forget about the enemies’ weapons … well, not really … but do consider the potential mishaps from your weapon or the weapon of the person accompanying you.

Accompanying you?

Yes, that’s right. I have heard of more than one occasion of a wife spraying pepper spray at an attacker, and the husband catching a whiff of it and an eyeful, making him unable to continue defending.


I’ve also seen martial artists swing their weapons and accidentally catch innocent bystanders on the follow-through of the motion.

If you have to defend yourself, and you’ve decided to employ a weapon (impromptu or designated), then make sure that you don’t put your loved one in harm’s way. Ever.

In fact, any instructions that you give your companion (“Go to the sidewalk”) should be based on the need to get him or her to safety … and that includes safety from your weapon.

In other articles, we discuss not having to worry that your spouse or loved one is in danger while you are defending the both of you. You don’t need that kind of distraction, when your safety is at stake.

This should include not having to worry about hurting said loved one with your weapon. You’ll fight better, if you know that your friend or family member is out of the way.

And as far as them carrying a weapon … have your safety discussions now, not while the emergency is happening.

Also, make sure your companion can be a help with his or her weapon … otherwise, the weapon should be out … in case a meanie makes his way over to your loved one.

Again, you don’t want to have to worry that your friend or spouse, in an effort to help, accidentally hinders your actions.

The last, little warning that I have about weapons … is the possibility of the bad guy taking your companion’s weapon away and using it on him, her, or YOU.

Regardless of the person accompanying me, my personal motto is to only carry a weapon that I wouldn’t mind defending against, if it were taken away and used against me.

Action Steps

1) Practice your weapons with a heavy bag on a chair. Have this represent a loved one. Spin, whip, and hit all you want — just make sure you don’t hit the bag or the chair.

2) Have a talk with anyone who accompanies you on a regular basis. Talk about any hidden weapons that they might carry. Give instruction on how to avoid hurting you, if any emergency were to occur. Most important … tell them “when” they should use their weapon in an altercation.

3) Practice defending against any weapon that you carry … just in case you lose yours to the enemy in a fight.


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