Self-Defense Tips, Recommendations, and Mini-Lessons

Self-Defense for the Non-Martial Artist

Becoming an Expert At the Other Stuff with “Something” in Reserve

Which is Your Fighting Style?

The Internet Fighting Myth with Some Truth Added 

The Skills Needed for Truly Effective Self-Defense

If there’s interest, I’ll post a  few articles from Martial Arts Mastery on practical self-defense



Martial Arts Self-Defense Tips

The Impromptu Weapon Surprise and Why Most Martial Artists Get It Wrong

Invisible Attackers

Differences Between Competition and Self-Defense Classes

Advanced Martial Arts Awareness: Taking It to the Sand

Quick Decision or Watch and Wait? (The wrong choice could get you killed) [Coming Soon]

Free Mini-Courses on Self-Defense

Which eCourse Should I Post For FREE?

  • Wrist Locks Mini Course
  • The Death Touch Alternative
  • Knife Fighting Mini Course




You Are Super Vulnerable at Bus Stops … It’s Time to Do Something About It!

Apply these bus-stop safety tips to other areas of your life. Stay Safe …

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