Taking Your Own Tiptoeing Skills to an Even Higher Level

by Keith Pascal

When I first published the soft cover edition of Tiptoeing to Tranquility, I noticed an interesting phenomenon….

My list of advanced subscribers were buying copies of the book for themselves, NOT as gifts.

How weird!

I had created the parable for non-martial artists to read about better awareness and staying safe, yet leading a confident life, in these ever-more-dangerous times.

It was designed for mothers and their children.

Yet it my advanced martial artists were buying them for their own collections.

When I asked my subscribers “why,” they said that they liked the way the master, Sam, acted. They liked his personality….

And they wanted to be sure to remember his tips.

Going Beyond Tiptoeing’s Tips

My advice to you, as an instructor, is to incorporate your own life experiences into your mini lessons.

If Sam is comfortable in a Spanish-speaking area of town, you don’t have to copy him and learn Spanish. (Although, that’s not a bad idea. I love using languages other than English.)

Maybe you volunteer time with troubled youth down at the rec center.

Where others might feel uncomfortable interacting with these teens, the center has become your home-away-from-home.

You’re completely at ease there.

Or Sam’s lesson about spending time with his daughter doesn’t have to be your lesson. Maybe one of your grandparents tight you something useful that you could impart to your students.

The point is to go beyond Tiptoeing to Tranquility.

The examples in the book are just that for you, examples.

Sure, they can serve as direct lessons for your students, and beginners will love gleaning these basic lessons.

But you are a teacher. For you, Tiptoeing is just a starting point.

Take your tip-imparting skills to an even higher level.

Keith Pascal is the author of the ebook Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively. Having earned a master’s degree that emphasized teaching methodologies, Keith has always been interested in the best ways to learn anything efficiently and effectively.

Keith also holds teacher’s certification in the martial arts. His teacher was an original Ed Parker and Bruce Lee black belt.


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