Three Uses for Tiptoeing to Tranquility

Suggestions for Seasoned Martial Artists

by Keith Pascal

As I mentioned in the article Taking Your Own Tiptoeing Skills to an Even Higher Level, I thought it was strange (back when) that advanced martial artists were buying copies of Tiptoeing to Tranquility for themselves.

I had intended one use for Tiptoeing, yet it was being used for something else.

Here we are years later, and I still sell a consistent number of copies of Tiptoeing to advanced martial artists. After querying customers, the following are three uses for the book:

Model Yourself after Sam

Sam is a pretty cool martial arts master, isn’t he?

As a martial arts instructor, I like reading cool stories about levelheaded masters, who are down-to-earth people.

Apparently, you do, too.

Give Tiptoeing to Someone

You’re a martial arts and/or self-defense instructor. Yet you can’t teach everyone, and you can’t be there for everyone.

This is the type of gift that shows you care.

It’s also the right kind of small gift, when someone earns a promotion.

It’s an entertaining gift that will sink in, and if you write something on the inside, they will keep it and treasure their copy.

Sell Tiptoeing to a Class

I’ve even read about teachers forming an entire class based on Tiptoeing to Tranquility.

They use Tiptoeing as a starting point.

Since it’s an add-on class, some of them include a copy of the book in the price of the class. Others buy Tiptoeing in bulk and offer it for sale.

So, how will you use Tiptoeing to Tranquility?

Remember, you’re not a beginner. So, Tiptoeing will offer you a different experience.

Keith Pascal is the author of the ebook Secrets of Teaching Martial Arts More Effectively. Having earned a master’s degree that emphasized teaching methodologies, Keith has always been interested in the best ways to learn anything efficiently and effectively.

Keith also holds teacher’s certification in the martial arts. His teacher was an original Ed Parker and Bruce Lee black belt.


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