Ordering Suggestions for Tiptoeing to Tranquility If You Live Outside the U.S.A.

1)Really consider reading the ebook version. It’s cheaper than the soft cover, you get the download immediately, and it’s available in many countries.

2) No matter what, if you order from outside the U.S.A., you will pay $26 in postage and handling. Often it costs us more than that, but we make up the difference in those cases. (Order Tiptoeing in Softcover with Postage)

3)┬áSo, if you want to order a soft cover, I have the following suggestions….

a) buy four copies together. You’ll get a discount … $40, instead of $52, and you only have to pay the one postage charge …. so, $40 + $26 = $66. That really works out to $3.50 a book in postage.

Order 4 Copies for a Special Price. Don’t forget to give autograph instructions for each book.

Get three others to go in on the purchase with you. Form a small book club. Each of you would pay $16.50 including postage.

b) get a copy for yourself and three copies as gifts for people you care about.

3) Get the Amazon that you have access to in your country to stock copies. This way you only pay domestic postage, or possibly FREE postage, if you have Amazon Prime.

4) Have your library order a few copies for their shelves.

5) If you take martial arts or self-defense lessons, convince your teacher to order by the dozen.