Why Your Students Need to Pay for Tiptoeing to Tranquility (This is NOT a joke.)

by Keith Pascal

You’re the teacher. You want your students to read Tiptoeing to Tranquility: The Parable for Finding Comfort and Safety in Dangerous Times.

You could buy an ebook copy for yourself and then ILLEGALLY gift it (or worse sell it) to all your students. The problem with that is that not only is it illegal, but it teaches the wrong lesson to your students.

Look, I may never catch you, but each student that you give a bootlegged copy to WILL know.

Not only does it promote slimy behavior not befitting of someone entrusted to teach, but it also slows down the writing process for authors. If you want to read more books by an author, then make sure said author gets paid.

Make Your Students Take You Seriously

Whenever I’ve offered free lessons, they were not taken as seriously as when I charged for the same instruction.

There is something about paying for something to make it more valuable to you.

Make your students buy their copies. And better yet, make them buy soft cover copies.

Electronic books get lost in the shuffle. We download so many, that we never revisit the ever-growing archive.

On the other hand, a solid book finds a place on the bookshelf, to be perused and studied over and over again.

You want your students to engage to this level.

Solidify the Experience Even More

As a teacher, you can buy quantities of Tiptoeing and get a discount. What’s more, I’d be happy to send you copies that have my signature on each one.

Believe it or not, I have been provided a class list of names, and I autographed an entire set to the class … each student received a book specifically with an autograph to them, by name.

Ask me … I might have time to do the same for you.

Believe me, if your student possesses a copy of Tiptoeing to them, by the author, they WILL keep it, and possibly treasure it. And all of this relates back to you, as their teacher … the one who provided the experience.

Imagine having an entire class of students who have incorporated the principles from Tiptoeing. Cool, eh?

Would you like to write to me about quantity discounts and signing the copies? Email me here (Keith Pascal).


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