Which is Your Fighting Style?

You don’t consider yourself a martial artist. You’ve never taken a formal class, or you took some lessons long ago, and don’t really remember enough to save you in a physical attack.

So, what do you do?

Note: In a previous article, I suggested that you could always become a martial artist, which would easily solve the problem. Unfortunately, that isn’t an answer for everyone.

Your first choice, which I harp on over and over on this website,  is to escape. Vanish. Leave the potential altercation, before anything occurs.


You Can’t Escape!

But let’s say you don’t have that option. You can’t escape.

So, you can’t flee and you don’t have any real fighting skills. Now what?

There still exist several options, before you’re forced into physical contact.

  • Can you talk your way out of it?
  • Can you call someone over to help out or intercede? (Maybe a store manager or an official.)
  • Can you reason with others to convince the instigator not to continue hassling you?

If your answer is no to all of the above, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to fight.

And finally, we get to the meat of this article!

You’re going to have to fight.

So, what is your fighting style?

When you have been in altercations before, from defending against school-yard bullies to roughhousing with siblings, how did you handle yourself?

  • Did you wrestle on the ground?
  • Were you more of a boxer, weaving forward and back, in and out?
  • Did you rely on one or two techniques that someone taught you?
  • Did you pull hair? Scratch and bite?
  • Did you twist an arm?

My recommendation is that if you aren’t going to take lessons from a school or from a competent martial artist out of his or her home, then your best bet is to use something that has worked before.

Also, it becomes easier to defend yourself, if you know in advance that you will be locking your arm around their throat at some point, or that some way, somehow, you’ll be tagging him in the groin.

No, you won’t be fighting the best, most efficient way possible.

But you might be able to survive.

Note: Krav Maga is a style that builds on what you already know. They want to teach you to be effective quickly, so they see what your natural fighting style is already and go from there.

If you can only learn one or two techniques, then build on what you know.

Maybe your father or mother taught you a few moves. Maybe a friend had a hand in shaping how you defend yourself.

You also might fight the way you perceive the action heroes fighting in the movies. (It’s not a good idea to copy movie martial arts.)

Note: Believe it or not, my grandmother was the first person to teach me how to box. We’d have play rounds where she’d chase me around her kitchen, yelling at me to keep my guard up and to bob and weave.

Final Thoughts

Throughout your life, you’ll pick up a move here, a strategy there. You learn as you go.

I still you some of the stuff that I learned as a six and seven year old in judo class. Tae Kwon Do and then Shotokan Karate added to the mix.

My real development started with Steve Golden, because that’s where everything felt efficient and practical.

That doesn’t mean what I learned before didn’t influence some of my fighting style.

I don’t want my articles to turn into sales pitches, but if you’re struggling to get those one or two moves that you can rely on in a fight, might I suggest one of my ebooks. It’s called How to End the Fight in One Hit.

You might have to hit a few more times, but … then again, maybe not. You will definitely learn how to decide the outcome of the fight that you want even before you punch or kick.

Anyway, whatever you rely on, it will help determine how you fight in a self-defense situation. You’ll gain more confidence if you can trust what you know, and use what you know … and/or can adapt.

Stay safe!


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